Sunday, September 6, 2009

In case any of you were wondering why I haven't posted since thursday, let me help you. Friday morning I had wisdom teeth removed and now look like a chipmunk. I am thankful that God saw fit to be merciful with me and did not allow me to be in a tremendous amount of pain. at least not physically.

I want to talk about bondage today, and let me clarify this by stating that I mean spiritual bondage not physical bondage. As I wrote a couple of days ago, I've been struggling with a conflict that I thought I'd handed over to God. Through his wisdom he showed me that maybe he wasn't done with that situation.

In the last couple of weeks I don't mind sharing that I have become very aware of when and how God is moving and bringing things to me. In his own way he's shown me that there are a few things that I haven't completely dealt with and therefore however insignificant they may seem they still inhibit my growth with my Father. If I allow it to it can and will destroy me inside and out. Through the unfailing love of my king and eternal savior I have come to know the steps I need to take in order to grow with him, and be free.

Daniel 6:27; He sets people free and saves them. He does miraculous signs and wonders. He does them in the heavens and on the earth. He has saved david from the power of the lions."

I can not believe the overwhelming feeling the God has filled me with and the knowledge that he truely has everything under control.

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