Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Waking up

As most of you have proabably heard by now. My sainted Mama Tommie Lee joined her master March 20.

There are still alot of questions that I needed answered but I know that my Daddy is in control. I had the privelage of being with her the Wednesday night before she passed. Now at the time I didnot consider it a blessing. I found myself behaving very much like a mom everytime she moved or stirred I was up and alert. I couldn't shake the feeling that the moment I fell asleep she would go to be with the lord.

It was probably the strangest thing I'd ever seen. She couldn't get comfortable and I learned that there are fates that are worse than death. It shook me in ways I hadn't even dared to imagine. During that long night I had my bible with me, I'd intended to let my God hold my hand and instead he chose to use me. I read my bible to her and sang her some hyms.
I wish I'd taken my camera. The word of God literally medicated her, it made her clamer it was like watching the best medicine in the world take it's affect.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ok so college life isn't exactly one that leaves ample amounts of time to do things like post the blog that you love to write.

I'm a horrible blogger I know. However in my defense things have unraveled in a way taht I never thought possible in the last couple of weeks.

I am excited to say that some of my writing was selected to be printed in the school magazine. I made a 90 on my British Literature midterm, and as far as I know all my grades are A's. So Go me..