Sunday, September 20, 2009


Something very interesting happened last night, and the only reason I'm writing about it now is because I know that it had to come directly from God. Lately I've felt like I'm in the wilderness and I'm desperate to get out.

I was watching Joyce Meyers which I don't normally do, I'm more a Sherri Rose and Beth Moore kind of person. But the first part of what Joyce was preaching on was about what we've been thinking lately. Then she started talking about the wilderness. Did you know that the journey the Israelite took was only supposed to take eleven days! yet they wondered around in the desert for forty years. Because they constantly complained. Then joyce said something I hadnt thought of: Your attitude in the wilderness will determine how long you stay in the wilderness. If you complain you will remain if you praise he will raise you out of it.

It's just that simple. We are in control of how we react to different situations. We are in control of how we think about different situations.

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