Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Long overdue welcome back....

To the very few of you that actually read this I apologize for not posting for so long. I believe that the last year of my life has completely turned my fragil little world upside down but as always my wonderful father was there to lead a helping hand and hold me tightly in his loving arms.

January 11 2011 I spent my 21st birthday with my wonderful nana. I did indulge in my first leagal drink let me emphasise this with my GRANDMA. I am not a drinker as we both discovered rather quickly... The next day was January 12, I will never forget the significance of that day as long as I live. I picked Levi and Zoey up from school. Went home for some reason or another. Brandon ( my now deceased brother) was at home and of course was the first one back in the car. We talked and he said," so sis how was your first drink?" I rolled my eyes and said, " sooo not worth it." He laughingly said,your never going ot be a drinker got out of the car and walked into his church. That is my last memory of him. At 10:23 that night my brother arrived at Jenkins County Hospital, and was pronounced DOA. I knew before anyone told me that my bubba was gone. i felt my father come in and wrap his arms around me and say this is going to hurt so I'm going to bandage you up and hold you tight. And guess what he did. Psalms 40:10; be still and know that I am God.