Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The list of things to do today seemed to multiply almost overnight. as my mother left for Atlanta yesterday and my sister Zoey decided that she would sleep with her bef. as she can't say beth.

if you have children or small siblings then you understand the kind of sleep you get when your aware that they are in the bed. It's almost like sleeping on a plane or in a car it's not the normal sleep your accustomed to. But i went with it.

Every so often I would turn over and check her breathing, i guess that would be the mom gene, and move her out of awkward body position that i knew would result in aches and pains. Somewhere around 3 am i woke up in a state of panic i didn't see her and as soon as i threw the covers back and realized that she wasn't there i heard that familar cry that is zoey. She had literally rolled herself and her meme pillow on the floor. I scooped her up and placed her back in her spot and she was out like a light. I however, was not taking any chances and put a pillow next to her. and slowly drifted off to sleep.....

Then the wonderful world of college stepped in and decided that I hadn't been embarassed enough for one day.

And I did have a refreshing blast from the past today. which i will get into later.

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