Saturday, October 24, 2009


There are parts and key events in my Christian walk that are so significant that they have to be documented and this is one of those.

Yesterday my mother had an MRI done, and I was the one to drive her there. Had several test messages just to tell me that they were praying for her. One person was of particular interest to me. I called her and as almight would have shifted our days we were relatively close to one another.

I suggested she come eat lunch with us and she did. Me, my mother, and KD what an adventure that was. I was so nervous it was absurd. I don't even know what I was nervous about. I guess it has something to do with the fact that we are all given a handful of really truely wonderful friends and for a while I'd lost one of mine. We parted after lunch and I thought that would be it.
How silly of me to think that even for a fleeting moment I knew what was on the table at that point with God. ... Go from Hobby lobby, which happens to be my mothers favorite store, and run a list over to KD. Back to hobby lobby, and then back to Goodwill.

I'd prayed for a good little while that God, if he saw fit, would give me sometime to just be nineteen, and not let the endless to-do list overtake it. I got that opportunity yesterday, and as God arranged it I was with KD. Goodwill shopping with someone your attempting to re-build bridges with is a must. I could not actually believe that was the environment the almighty had arranged to open doors again. It also meant that we were in a neutral environment to talk about things without losing our composure, well at least in part.

I still find it amazing that God would allow that to be restored and evenmore that KD could still be willing to allow that to happen. The blame in the entire ordeal is my entirely my own. I still think that its a miracle. I'm still singing my praises and I probably will be for a long time coming. It never ceases to amaze me the wonderful power that my God posesses, and that in the midst of everything else when I'm faithful so is he. The secret prayer of my heart is being fulfilled right before my eyes, and I'm still standing in aww of it.

Now the healing begins and my God will make sure that we both are whole again. Regardless of hurt feelings, harsh words, and just plain wrong doing(mine) I pray that it will all be absolved. The one shot dot has given me unbelievably a third. Never could I have ever imagined that would be possible. Yet it is, and that is a miracle.

Psalms 100:5; The Lord is good, his mercy is everlasting.

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