Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Taking a long hard look

It's the beginning of new year once again. I didn't however make a ridiculously long list of things i want accomplish this year. Instead I've decided that I would just write what I want in pencil and hand my God the eraser.

For the first time in my walk I am aware on a daily basis that my god is moving, and constantly working. Even when things seems completely hopeless and there isn't a light anywhere.

In the last few months I have literally watched scripture unfold in front of me, I feel privileged and honored to be the one who is being used. Words can not express the sheer joy is it to be the one who is listening instead of the one who is always talking. Yes shocking isn't it the I would be the one to say that I talk alot. Frankly it's a fact, and if you know me then you know it's true. I've always been a talker, and it's not always good, but i am working on that. It's a day to day struggle.

The people who make the greatest impact in my life are the ones who make me grow. they don't accept anything less than the best of me. and I love them for that. Eventhough it's hard to swallow sometimes..