Thursday, December 10, 2009

FInally done or so I thought

My last day of class was today with the completion of my last final... I should probably be relieved but I'm not. When one area of my life seems to fall into place another one falls perfectly to pieces. Hundreds and hundreds of pieces..

I haven't mentioned this yet but I recently got a car which is a huge thing since I haven't had one of my own since my senior year of high school.

My sister's babysitter broke her hip Friday night so therefore we no longer have one. Guess who the new one is..... ME. I'm so agitated and aggravated that i'm to the point of losing my cool. I have things that I have to do during the week and you can't really do anything with a two year old strapped to your hip. I made arrangements everyday this week so that I could go take my finals. I thought that by Friday my mother would have something worked out so that I could go to my volunteer project tomorrow. No such luck.

I may sound selfish but I have literally no patience left and usually I'm very well adjusted to watching zoey but this week with finals and everything else going on I want some whine down time. I need a day of absolutely nothing to do and nobody calling my name. But that will never happen. I haven't been the far at the end of my rope in along time.

I am so tired. Tired and worn out. I think if I let myself I would sleep for days.
but even then I'm sure that somebody would call my name. I hear people calling my name in my sleep.

When I reach the end of my rope the only thing left to do is grab the hem of his garment.

Please pray that I dont completely lose it...